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Do you know read-only RFID tags? RFID special label manufacturers explain in detail for you

With the advancement of science and technology, RFID technology is widely used in all walks of life, and the function of RFID electronic tags is closely related to the structure of chip memory. Due to the difference in memory, electronic tags are divided into read-only electronic tags, writable electronic tags, electronic tags with password functions and electronic tags with segmented storage. Read-only electronic tags are widely used because of their low price and are also common in the market; electronic tags with password functions and electronic tags with segmented storage have high performance and are widely used in places that require anti-duplication and data storage. . So do you know about read-only RFID tags? Come and learn more about the RFID label manufacturer szyxiot:
Read-only rfid label features:
1)In the identification process, the content can only be read and the electronic tag that cannot be written is a read-only electronic tag. The memory of the read-only electronic label is a read-only memory.
The data stored in ROM is generally written in advance before being loaded into the whole machine. It can only be read out during the working process of the whole machine. Unlike random access memory, it can be quickly and easily rewritten. The data stored in ROM is stable, and the data stored after power failure The data will not change, its structure is relatively simple, it is more convenient to read, so it is often used to store various fixed programs and data. The characteristic mark of the read-only electronic tag itself is generally represented by a serial number, which has been solidified in the process of chip production, and the user cannot change the data on the chip.
2) One-time programmable read-only tag
One Time Programmable (OTP) read-only tags can be programmed and written once before application, and cannot be rewritten during the identification process. The memory of the one-time programmable read-only tag is generally composed of PROM.
(3) Reprogrammable read-only tags
The content of the reprogrammable read-only tag can be programmed and written repeatedly after erasing, but it cannot be rewritten during the identification process. The memory of reprogrammable read-only tags generally consists of EEPROM.
When selecting electronic tags, you can choose electronic tag products for applicable scenarios according to actual application and storage requirements. If you encounter problems with selection, you can consult relevant business personnel for more RFID electronic tags, NFC tags, and RFID special tags. Introduction, welcome to pay attention to RFID tags manufacturer the szyxiot technology to exchange.


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